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Every Chart From Our Q4 US & Canada VC Report

Right on the heels of our grip of Q4-Annual global venture capital charts, tracking the performance and efforts of the asset class around the world, we turn to our own shores.

What follows is every chart and the like from our US-Canada report. Notably, this is our first run of putting out a combined look at the United States and Canadian venture scenes. Our own Joanna Glasner took point on the idea and its execution.

As always, the goal of putting out just the charts from 0ur longer reports is to provide you with a quicker way to slice through quite a number of data points. You are welcome if it helps. If it doesn’t, we apologize.

As a general note, if you have comments on how we did this cycle of reports, email us. We’re more than up for feedback.

And if you still need more charts and data and numbers and venture capital takes, the following banner will take be your satiation:

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