Every Chart From Our Q4 US & Canada VC Report

Right on the heels of our grip of Q4-Annual global venture capital charts, tracking the performance and efforts of the asset class around the world, we turn to our own shores.

Every Chart From Our Q4 Global VC Report

Each and every quarter, we gear up to bring you a deep dive into the world of venture capital. And now, per tradition, during the fourth interval we also take a look back at the full year.

Rising Legality Aside, The Budding Cannabis Industry Isn’t Drawing As Much VC Interest As You’d Expect

January 1, 2018 went down as a watershed day in the cannabis industry as recreational adult-use was legalized in California. With recreational cannabis use being legalized in eight states, those who have bought cannabis illegally in the past and those left out because of illegality may be brought into the fold of a nascent (legal) industry. And…

Texas Startups Raised 36 Percent Less In Q4 YOY

I think most tech-minded Texans are clear that comparisons to Silicon Valley are silly. Austin and the other major Texas markets are still working to develop their own unique startup and venture ecosystems. Hopefully in 2018, we’ll see more of those efforts come to fruition.

2017’s ICO Market Grew Nearly 100x From Q1 To Q4

After the year crypto had in 2017, it is hard to believe that bitcoin, altcoins, and initial coin offerings (ICOs) went years as hardly known commodities, relegated to subreddits and obscure forums. However, now even my fellow gym rats (a term I use endearingly) in Oregon have heard of crypto and its incredible, bubble-like ascent….

The Portion Of VC-Backed Startups Founded By Women Stays Stubbornly Stagnant

While sexism was not born in Silicon Valley, sexual harassment is proving to be toxic for business as experienced by Uber, SoFi, Binary Capital, and others. As part of our larger Q4 and 2017 coverage, let’s see how the venture industry invested in women last year.

US & Canada VCs Favor Late-Stage Giants Over Upstarts In Q4

After three quarters of rising investment at early through growth stage, VCs have cut back in the fourth quarter of 2017. They participated in fewer deals and invested less capital compared to both the prior quarter and year-ago periods, according to Crunchbase projected data.

Q4 2017 Global Report: VC Sets Annual Records On Back Of Strong Late-Stage Results

Venture capital dollar volume and deal counts are down for most stages of funding relative to figures from Q3 2017, with angel and seed-stage deals leading the decline. Despite this, 2017 closed out ahead of previous years in terms of total venture deal and dollar volume.