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Every Chart From Our Q4 Global VC Report

Each and every quarter, we gear up to bring you a deep dive into the world of venture capital. And now, per tradition, during the fourth interval we also take a look back at the full year.

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Thus it was last week, with all our quarterly work taking on an annual edge. However, you might have been a bit busy last week, so we are bringing you the gut and sinew of our admittedly-long global venture capital work in a simple format.

To that end, the following is every chart from the global VC report, inclusive of some notes and easily our best Slideshare formatting to date.

So if you want to know what is going on around the world in the realm of venture, get clicking.

We’ll have a US-Canada-centric version of this post coming out in just a minute, so hang tight if that is more your jam.

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