Joanna Glasner is a business and technology columnist covering all things venture capital. She was previously a reporter for Wired and Reuters.

How Tax Changes May Impact US Startups

In an effort to envision how the pending tax bill might affect U.S. startups and their investors, Crunchbase News reached out to tech industry taxation experts. We touched on topics including the M&A climate, tax treatment of interest expenses, and whether rising costs of living in high-tax states will prompt an exodus to cheaper locales. Combined with our own analysis, here are some thoughts on the potential impacts.

December 06, 2017

Virtual Reality Gets Its Groove Back

While virtual and augmented reality uptake may be slower than boosters expected or hoped, venture investment hasn’t slackened. Funding for VR and AR startups in 2017 is roughly on par with 2016 levels, a Crunchbase News analysis finds.

November 29, 2017

The Keys To Your House Belong To Startups

Most of us still get in by turning a flat metal key into a lock. Visitors ring doorbells, and we peep at them through peepholes. If we’re out, keyless guests are out of luck. If investors have their way, that status quo will look quite primitive in a few years.

October 12, 2017