What Is Crunchbase News?

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Crunchbase News is a digital publication covering the intersection of technology and money. It is an independent group which operates as part of the Crunchbase family. (Crunchbase is a public database of private companies that also sells data access and business intelligence tools.)

What is the relationship between Crunchbase and Crunchbase News?

Crunchbase funds and hosts Crunchbase News but does not exert any editorial control over the publication.

Crunchbase also provides the News team with access to its graph, and it occasionally provides assistance in pulling more intractable queries from the dataset.

Who is Crunchbase News?

Alex Wilhelm: Editor in Chief (Archive)

Alex writes our Morning Markets column on weekdays and augments our late-stage coverage with a focus on startup financials. He also takes part in the Equity podcast with TechCrunch.

Holden Page: Managing Editor (Archive)

Holden keeps the trains on time at Crunchbase News, helping our reporters from idea through publication. He also contributes to work concerning the future of work.

Mary Ann Azevedo: Reporter (Archive)

Mary Ann has an eye on construction-focused tech and real estate-focused companies, the Texas and Latin American venture scenes, and more.

Jason Rowley: Senior Data Reporter (Archive)

Jason covers the venture market from a data-centered perspective. He also helps other reporters with charting and data-focused work and helps with our quarterly reporting process.

Joanna Glasner: Reporter (Archive)

Joanna writes the Crunchbase Daily blurbs on weekdays and covers sector trends for Crunchbase News.

Natasha Mascarenhas: Reporter (Archive)

Natasha covers early-stage startups, founders, sector trends, and writes our Weekend Email.

Jenna D’Illard: Copy Editor

Jenna provides copy support, manages graphics requests, and also takes the lead on our freelance program.

Sophia Kunthara: Late-Stage Reporter (Archive)

Sophia takes point on late-stage venture capital and the companies it backs. She’s also taking lead on our impending audio projects.


  • Crunchbase News is part of Crunchbase, a for-profit startup that has a number of private investors. Verizon also retains an ownership stake in the company.
    • (Before AOL was part of Oath, a Verizon subsidiary, AOL owned Crunchbase. Later, after Verizon bought AOL, but before it combined the Internet brand with Yahoo to form Oath, Crunchbase was spun out as its own entity.)
    • Update: Oath will be rebranded as the “Verizon Media Group” starting January 1, 2019. Also, Verizon hates it.
    • (Further disclosure: Verizon is the former employer of our editor in chief, who worked for TechCrunch, then owned by AOL, before and after Verizon bought the smaller firm.)
  • Crunchbase News operates independently from Crunchbase, and the publication takes no direction from any other part of the business, most especially its commercial operations.
  • The publication abides by the SPJ Code of Ethics, hews to AP style, and prefers Oxford commas.
  • Regarding our parent company’s conflicts, they are myriad. A living list of parties that have invested in the business can be found on Crunchbase’s Crunchbase page. More investors will appear over time. They will each and all enjoy the same level of privilege: none.
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