All The Charts From Our Q1 2019 VC Report

The second quarter is upon us, which means that your friendly news team is hard at work compiling reams of metrics surrounding the world’s venture capital landscape.

And that means it’s time to take all the charts we’ve put together so far and post them. This chart digest, a regular part of our venture reporting cycle, is a bit more important than usual this time. That’s because we squeezed our global and North American venture capital reporting work into the same post for Q1 2019.

It was fun to do, but also means we had to be a bit cheap with what made the cut. So let’s begin with all the global charts, for those of you with an international perspective:

And here are the US and Canada charts, for the American-minded amongst us:

What’s coming next? Texas as always, and our regular look at the world of female founders as it relates to venture capital activity. Stay tuned!

Illustrations: Li-Anne Dias.

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