Venture Market Report: Q1 2019

Just in case you’re short on time, here’s a quick bullet list of what you should take away from venture capital in Q1 2019:

  • Crunchbase projects that just under $75 billion was invested in almost 8,100 funding rounds, worldwide, in Q1 2019. This is down markedly from highs set in Q4 2018.
  • Data points to a weakening market for Chinese startup equity as a principal contributor to overall declines. North American companies weren’t immune either.
  • Startup and new venture fundraising remain historically high despite a slowdown. Though small-dollar startup investment deals are down, the global perfusion of micro ($25M – $100M) and nano (<$25M) venture capital funds continues apace.
  • The U.S. government shutdown at the beginning of Q1 put a damper on new public stock offerings on American markets. However, the march to public markets resumed, shuttling Lyft out the IPO window and lining up several candidates for Q2 debuts.

Read the rest of quarterly report here, and scroll down for more in-depth dives into the venture market in Q1 2019.