Venture Report: Q1 2018

The first quarter of 2018 came in roaring for the tech industry but ended up a little rough around the edges.

As the U.S. president does battle with Amazon, social networks’ privacy policies come under greater public scrutiny, dreams of fully-autonomous electric cars collide with technical limitations, and a cold trade war that grew hotter by the tweet, it’d be easy to think that Q1 2018 was, at best, so-so. And for many big tech companies, particularly those trading on public markets, that’d be a fair assessment.

But the global venture capital market seemed to pay no heed to the choppy waters downstream. According to projected data from Crunchbase, global venture capital deal and dollar volume in Q1 2018 eclipsed previous highs from Q3 2017, setting fresh quarterly records for post-Dot Com startup investment.

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