Tracking WeWorks Up-And-Down Valuation Since 2014

IPO letters in a fiery crash

After The We Company promised to shake up its corporate governance before its IPO today, the company’s valuation took yet another cut. The highly-valued company, known by the name of its coworking brand WeWork, is seeing its worth collapse in the face of skepticism regarding its business model, its governance, and its fundraising needs.

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The results are staggering. Today, according to a number of publications, WeWork could debut at an IPO valuation of less than $15 billion, and perhaps as low as $10 billion.

$15 billion is a lot of money, mind. But it’s not a lot of money compared to the valuations that WeWork put up in the past. The firm was worth as much as $47 billion according to private investors as recently as early this year.

To illustrate how far the company has fallen from grace, we’ve compiled a chart for you. It tracks the company’s valuation (read its fundraising history here for more context) since its 2014 Series D:


Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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