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Zuora Sets $9 To $11 Share Price For Its IPO

Morning Report: Zuora, a subscription payments company, set a proposed price range for its IPO this morning.

The Zuora IPO inched closer to live this morning, as the company set terms for its debut with a proposed price range of $9 to $11 per share, per its recently re-filed S-1 document. At the upper end of its range, Zuora could raise as much as $126.5 million in its IPO, at currently-denoted terms.

At midpoint, using Zuora’s greenshoe-filled post-IPO share count, Zuora would be worth $1.04 billion, give or take. Taking into account options, RSUs, and the like, that figure rises to just about $1.3 billion.

The firm’s last, known post-money valuation was around $1.1 billon (give or take), according to Crunchbase. So, the firm is looking at a slightly down IPO value on a non-diluted basis, presuming mid-point pricing. However, recent IPO Dropbox managed to raise its range, and then price above that heightened band. So, perhaps Zuora has more space to run.

We’ve already covered the company’s financials here, but let’s remind ourselves of what the company has in store as we head into its pricing cycle:

  • Revenue growth of 48.6 percent from $113.0 million to $167.9 million (YoY, last two fiscal years).
  • Net losses of $47.2 million, up from $38.8 million the fiscal year prior.
  • Around $25 million in operating cash burn in its last fiscal year, along with about $16 million in investing cash burn during the same period.
  • About $48 million in on-hand cash.

So, Zuora needs to raise capital to fund its GAAP and non-GAAP unprofitable business, thus making its IPO pricing a bit more material than it was for Dropbox say, or for Spotify’s impending direct listing.

What we care about is how the public markets value a company as unprofitable as Zuora is today that is also growing north of 50 percent. Zuora thinks that about a 6x trailing revenue multiple is right. We’ll see.

From The Crunchbase Daily:

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