Closing The Books On Q2 VC Reporting

Morning Report: Here is all our second quarter venture capital coverage in one tidy spot for your enjoyment!

Happy Friday, everyone. You made it through the three-year week. And, if you are like me, you can’t imagine reading one more story about politics. We get it.

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That’s why we have compiled a huge stack of words for you to ingest over the weekend that isn’t about the American political system at all! Indeed, it’s about venture capital and startups and exits and other delights.

To clean your mental slate, here’s the good stuff:

  • Global report. The state of venture around the world, and a look at some of the biggest exits anywhere in the world last quarter.
  • US and Canada report. A look at the two nation’s performance during the second quarter. This narrower look helps drill down into the local venture market.
  • Texas report. Going one step deeper, our quarterly Texas report digs into one of America’s largest states, and growing venture markets.
  • Late stage report. What really drove the needle in the second quarter? In the venture market, late-stage deals took center stage.
  • Asian-Pacific report. We took a look at Asian venture capital, with a special focus on China, the region’s  biggest constituent player.
  • All charts, Global edition. All the charts, none of the talking.
  • All charts, U.S. and Canada edition: All of the charts, none of the talking.

If that can’t get you through a full two days of political avoidance, try books.

From The Crunchbase Daily:

Bio offerings outpace tech

Biotech and healthcare IPOs are outnumbering tech offerings by a wide margin. And this year, sums raised from bio public offerings are on track to hit the highest point in years. Crunchbase News takes a look at what’s fueling the boomlet.

SenseTime eyes $1B from SoftBank

SenseTime, a Beijing-based developer of facial recognition technologies, is reportedly in talks to raise around $1 billion from SoftBank. Four-year-old SenseTime, recently valued around $4.5 billion, is considered the highest valuation startup in the artificial intelligence space.

Some new mega-funds may make sense

As the number of really big tech venture funds continues to mushroom, it’s easy to have doubts. But some startups investors say mega-funds can work well if firms aim for larger ownership stakes and seek software startups with supercharged revenue growth.

The Fund wants founders to back founders

Small funds are still a thing too. The Fund, a New York-based seed investment outfit started and funded by startup founders, has launched its first fund with about $3 million. The plan is for partners to back small rounds for promising new companies while also continuing to work at their own startups.

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