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Tech Jobs: Want To Save The World? These Agtech Startups Want To Help Farmers Grow More Food Without Destroying The Planet 

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If you’re passionate about working on real-world problems, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more real than agtech, which aims to better feed the world’s growing population. Many startups working in the agtech space — which received $4.5 billion from venture investors last year — are specifically working to grow more food for more people, without destroying the planet.

In this week’s edition of Who’s Hiring In Tech, we highlight open positions at three funded agtech startups in our Crunchbase database. All three of these companies make technology aimed at helping farmers produce food more sustainably and efficiently, whether that’s using less water or creating fewer emissions.

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The roles highlighted below are pulled from our broader list of 385 Actively Hiring Startups, which includes funded companies currently hiring for multiple roles that have not conducted reported layoffs in the past year.

3 agtech roles that caught our eye

Company: Regrow

  • Position: Senior product manager, sustainability insights
  • Salary: N/A
  • Location: Remote; the company is based in Durham, New Hampshire.
  • What it does: Regrow’s software connects farmers with carbon trading markets so they can be rewarded for employing farming practices that reduce emissions, preserve soil quality and minimize chemicals. The company then uses satellite imaging and remote sensing to verify that environmental impact has been reduced — it says its technology currently monitors 150 million acres of land in more than 45 countries. Regrow has some heavy hitters investors, including billionaire Tom Steyer and Salesforce 1founder Marc Benioff‘s Time Ventures.
  • Why it’s cool: Producing food for humans takes a heavy toll on the environment: Regrow estimates some 26% of the world’s carbon emissions are due to food production and agriculture. As a senior product manager at Regrow, you’d get to work at the intersection of agtech and climate tech and “lead the development of new cutting-edge platforms that will help to shape the future of food,” according to the job description. The company is also hiring for multiple other roles, including in sales, engineering and marketing.
  • Funding history: Regrow has raised a total of $63.6 million, including a Series B in May 2022, according to its Crunchbase profile. Besides Steyer and Time, its other backers include Microsoft‘s M12 and Cargill.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Company: GroGuru

  • Position: Director of software and systems
  • Salary: N/A
  • Location: The company is based in San Diego, but it’s not clear if the job is in-office or remote.
  • What it does: GroGuru helps farmers manage water more efficiently, a problem that has only become more acute as persistent droughts plague many parts of the world. Its technology uses soil sensors to measure soil moisture, temperature, salinity and other variables, and then transmits that data wirelessly to the cloud where its software uses AI to make recommendations to farmers about when and how much to irrigate their crops.
  • Why it’s cool: This looks like a great opportunity for an experienced software leader to take a high-profile role at a funded seed startup that’s working on a very real-world problem. The company is looking for someone with a master’s degree or Ph.D. in engineering or a related field, with more than 15 years of experience. And if you’re not quite ready for a director-level role, GroGuru is also hiring for a senior software engineer and a senior data scientist.
  • Funding history: GroGuru is still in early innings: It has raised a total of $4 million, according to its Crunchbase profile, from investors including SVG Ventures. Its most recent funding was its seed round in December.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Company: Cropin

  • Position: Data engineer
  • Salary: N/A
  • Location: Bengaluru, India
  • What it does: This Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation– and Google-backed company makes software to help farmers increase their per-acre yields. Like the others on this list, it relies heavily on gathering large troves of data from farms that it then feeds into software that helps farmers make AI-assisted decisions.
  • Why it’s cool: This role in particular will have a hand in product development across the company’s platform. The company is looking for someone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, plus four to six years of relevant experience.
  • Funding history: Cropin has raised a total of $46.4 million, according to its Crunchbase profile, including its Series D in December. Along with the Gates Foundation and Google, its backers include Beenext.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.



Crunchbase News editors select interesting roles to feature based on Crunchbase’s Actively Hiring and funding filters. We looked for companies that are tagged as Actively Hiring — meaning they have multiple open roles listed — within Crunchbase, and have recently raised new funding. We only include companies that have raised at least $1 million in total funding.

We mostly look at U.S. roles, but also feature other locations, and cross-reference companies with our Layoffs Tracker to avoid featuring those that recently laid off employees. Deciding which roles to feature is ultimately based on editors’ discretion.

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