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Soon, Everything Will Be A Scooter Startup

Morning Markets: Last week we took a look at several recent scooter venture rounds. What if I told you that there were even more scooter startups than we thought?

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With the global VC market posting record numbers in 2018, it’s no surprise that venture investors around the globe put lots of money into a hot new idea. What I’m still getting my head around is how many scooter companies there are, and how much they have raised.

After looking into a few recent rounds from dockless, e-scooter companies raised towards the end of 2018 and the first few weeks of 2019, we’re returning to the topic to highlight a few other companies in the space.

Scooters For All

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a scooter drives over it.

That’s how Paris looks, at least according to Twitter user @Juanbuis1, who posted a picture of scooters in the city, noting a host of brands that are active in the famous locale.

As only some of those companies made our list of recent funding events, I was curious who else we were missing. So, I did a little digging, parsing from this list, and came up with more names for the scooter faithful.

Here’s a sampling of who else is working to bring scooters to the people:

  • Grin Scooters. Based in Mexico with $72.7 million in known capital raised.
  • Yugo. Based in Spain with €402,000 in known capital raised.
  • SCOO. Based in Brazil with $1 million in known capital raised.
  • PopScoot. Based in Singapore with no known capital raised.
  • Voi Technology. Based in Sweden, $52.9 million in known capital raised.

And there are other players in the space that are hard to verify as to life. MIKMIKZhaodianlv? Hard to tell from here.

There are even more seemingly dead scooter startups to be found. Telepod looks deceased. Pony Scooter has an unsafe site. Scoo Mobility as well. Jaano’s site is kaput. Glow seems over seems over as well. UScooters hasn’t tweeted in ages.

All of the above discounts scooter manufacturers, and companies that rent out Vespa-like machines, electric or old-fashioned. Those startups, in my view, are different enough to warrant their own coverage and attention. So the moment they get interesting, we’ll be there.

With Bird and Lime hunting for their next mega round it can seem that there are just two scooter companies around. But there’s quite a lot doing in the World of Scoot.

Top Image Credit: Li-Anne Dias.

  1. Juan wrote for The Next Web, my first professional home as a writer. Hi Boris! Hi Patrick!

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