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Invisible Raises $2.6M To Help Clients Tap Into Global Productivity

Is AI really capable of replacing 60 percent of today’s work within the next 12 years?

Francis Pedraza the founder and CEO of Invisible, a company which helps stressed out, overworked people automatically delegate busy work to outsource teams, doesn’t think so.

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“If you listen to the media, it sounds like AI is going to replace most jobs in the next 20 years, and humans are just going to be out of work,” Pedraza said. “We think this is completely ridiculous.”

Instead Invisible aims to save people time with a “digital assembly line” that keeps humans in the equation. The company announced today that it has raised $2.6 million in seed funding from Backed VenturesLoup Ventures, Horizons Alpha 1 and others.

That money will fuel a bot that Invisible’s clients can email, call, or video chat with to delegate tasks. Globally-based contractors then complete the task and send the finished product back to the client through the bot. The company claims that its digital delegation technology can save up to 41 percent of a client’s time.

Invisible’s clients purchase packages of hours for tasks ranging from inbox cleaning and market and vendor research to hiring funnel management. That package is then split up in cost per hour from $10 to $40, which is based on the level of specialization and difficulty of the requested task. At the top of the range, an agent can make up to $22.50 and $30 an hour. Invisible also allows agents to move up that ladder of specialization.

“We take our best agents and […] teach them how to do multiple processes [and] how to do routing and QA work,” Pedraza said. “Eventually they become an agent manager and a relationship manager. And then we teach them how to do a specialized skill.”

Invisible is very transparent about its product roadmap, its revenue metrics, and the challenges that it has faced. Per its online report, the company brought in $50,000 in August 2018, and it is targeting $150,000 in revenue for December. The company says that most of its revenue comes through upsells from existing clients; however, it’s still working on product-market fit to more quickly and effectively acquire new customers. Pedraza said the company has its eyes on profitability.

But overall, Pedraza said he’s dedicated to proving the viability of using an underestimated and underused source of productivity: labor.

“In the 21st-century, labor is the cheapest processing power. Most Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are still building SaaS products that are pure software, ignoring this resource because of basically dogmatic biases,” he expressed passionately. “What if the role of technology is actually to show us what humans are capable of in a step by step dialectical way?”

For now, while artificial intelligence is still in its early stages, that middle ground may be a safe bet.

Illustration Credit: Li Anne Dias

  1. A previous version of this article stated that Alpha Venture Partners was an investor. It has since been updated to reflect new information from the company.

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