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Special Series Launch: High Valuations and Large Fundraises Still Exist—We Tell You Who

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Editor’s note: In this five-part series, we look at late-stage startups that not only raised big funds recently but doubled their valuations as well. Each part spotlights a different sector and its hottest players who beat the odds. Read Part One on the future of work, Part Two on the Web3 space, Part Three on the future of health care, Part Four on cybersecurity, and Part Five on e-commerce.—Special Projects Editor Christine Kilpatrick

Venture capital funding may be slowing worldwide, but some later-stage startups are shrugging off the gloomy numbers and raising funding at higher valuations.

These companies are outperforming their peers in specific sectors, and garnering a larger proportion of funding dollars.

We analyzed Crunchbase data to find startups that are raising at significantly higher valuations compared to their funding in 2021. Immediately we struck gold: Eighty-plus companies that increased their valuations by 100% or more since the beginning of second-quarter 2022.

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As we reviewed this list of companies, the hottest sectors quickly rose to the top. We found leading companies beating the odds in the future of work, e-commerce, health care, DevOps, delivery, security and Web3.

These startups’ steady upward performance is all the more remarkable these days. Global venture funding doubled in 2021 from the year before, only to slide down again this year by around 25% in the second quarter.

Over the next few days, we’ll be examining these late-stage winners by sector, identifying the strongest players and exploring what makes them so consistently valuable.

Part 1: The future of work

We begin our series with a sector that exploded into popularity during the pandemic. The tech workforce continues to shift to remote and hybrid work, and these startups are stepping up to help.

Part 2: Web3

When it comes to raising money in this sector, there are no hard and fast rules in this next evolution of the internet primarily built on blockchain technology.

Part 3: Health care

It’s all about the data for these high-valuation health care companies focused on managing the complexities of patient, physician and clinical trial information updated in real time.

Part 4: Security

These successful cybersecurity companies know how to inspire trust in both their businesses and their technology, and startups that focus on compliance issues are especially valuable.

Part 5: E-commerce

This sector might not be growing as quickly as it did in 2021, but these late-stage players still know how to sell. We look at some bright spots this year.

Illustration: Dom Guzman


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