The mechanics of funding are rife with legal and insider terminology. Parsing it all is daunting. But if you are a founder with VC money in the bank, it’s imperative you know just what you’re getting into, and a glossary of definitions from a textbook just isn’t going to get you there.

In our series, “A Startup Takes Flight,” we walk you through how the latest innovator in drone meal delivery, Internet of Wings, goes through the process of raising money from VCs, determining valuations, and the results of successfully achieving an exit.

The series also goes through how VCs protect themselves with measures such as anti-dilution and pro rata clauses.

If you are looking to found a VC-backed startup, but remain modest in your knowledge in how it all actually works, read “A Startup Takes Flight.”

What Happens When You Sell Your Startup?

It is now time to get our fictitious investors a liquidity event from our little drone startup. Let’s sell our company!

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