Skyline AI Brings Predictive Analytics To Commercial Real Estate

Skyline AI, a real estate technology startup, has raised $18 million in fresh capital. The Series A round, led by Sequoia Capital and TLV Partners, comes on the heels of its $3 million Seed funding announcement in late March 2018.

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The Tel Aviv and New York-based company was founded in 2017 by four startup entrepreneurs with previous experience building AI startups. The company aims to help commercial real estate investors make more data-based decisions when investing in and managing properties.

The software collects, cross-references, and analyzes data related to all individual multi-family assets in the United States, which includes over 400,000 different properties. The dataset is regularly updated, and its metrics range from demographics, education, and crime to treasury and restaurant data for the area.

“For each and every property we have today, [there are] about 10,000 different data points. So we probably have today the largest data set that exists in real estate.” Zipori said. “This data is going back in time up to 50 years.”

Skyline AI also provides predictive analytics, allowing commercial real estate investors to view metrics like a property’s value, rent, and occupancy, and internal rate of return (IRR) both currently and projected over following years.

“When you pick an asset on our platform, you immediately see the current value of the asset and what the value will be in the next years,” Zipori explained. “[This is] something that usually takes weeks to produce, and usually with less accuracy and less depth and breadth.”

Beyond assessing the value of current investments, Zipori said that the software can use defined business strategies and targeted revenue outcomes for deal sourcing.

“You can query everything like all of the assets in Charlotte that are worth between $50 to $60 million dollars and will generate a 15% percent IRR on a five-year business plan,” Zipori explained. “So you can define your strategy or philosophy and get all of the assets that fit the criteria because we have everything on the system already.“

Zipori says Skyline AI will use its fresh capital to expand its product, R&D, and data science teams in Tel Aviv. The company is also opening a New York office and will grow its real estate and investment teams in the city. Additionally, Skyline AI plans to add more data to its dataset and broaden its reach to other asset classes beyond multifamily assets.

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