We Found An ICO That Makes Sense

Morning Report: After all the fluff and nonsense, here’s an ICO that actually seems a bit reasonable.

This week the Unikrn ICO came to a close, raising over 120,000 ether in the process, a sum worth, at current prices, $34.9 million.

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That makes the ICO smaller than some others, like Filecoin or Bancor, which raised hundreds of millions each. But Unikrn’s ICO’s smaller scale is likely fine, as the token corresponds to a yet-nascent market.

Unikrn itself is an esports betting platform — prior coverage of the company here — that in 2018 will accept regular-currency in Europe, something that it announced earlier in October after securing its Malta gambling license.

(If you need a primer on esports, and if it’s actually a thing, please go back in time a few years and start reading then. We’ll wait.)

But not all betting on Unikrn will use a regular currency, which is why an esports gambling shop launching a token on the Ethereum to facilitate wagering on its service makes sense. This is how CoinDesk puts it:

The idea is that Unikoin Gold, the token that was up for sale, will act as a common medium of exchange for bettors to use on the platform, which allows for placing wages on games like League of Legends, Defense Against the Ancients (Dota) and CounterStrike, among others.

Bingo. And all the above makes this ICO different than the usual slop that makes headlines:

  • The coin is proffered by a company that actually exists, and it has managed to raise capital from traditional venture sources.
  • The value of the token seems well-correlated to an obvious use of the coin itself.

Perhaps our standards have slipped a bit low, but the Unikoin Gold ICO seems like a reasonable use of both the funding mechanism and crypto-technology.

From the Crunchbase Daily:

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