The Week In Crunchbase Data: Sexual Wellness, FTX’s Hot Mess, And Layoffs Peak

Illustration of CB worker checking data

We love our numbers at Crunchbase News, from huge billion-dollar funding rounds to the price of a crypto token. In this new feature, we’re letting the week’s hottest numbers tell the stories.

This week we learned that chipmakers are still getting VC dollars, probably because semiconductors are a real thing that make real things work. Which leads us to the epic fail that has been FTX and the very real billions wrapped up in its implosion.

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On a lighter note, we explored the sexual wellness startup industry pivoting to more traditional retail spaces. Crypto investors might be down in the dumps, but at least now they can more easily buy sex toys along with their groceries at Target. What’s not to love there?

Illustration: Dom Guzman

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