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Proust Goes Tech: The Hits (So Far)

Welcome to the conclusion of the first season of our Proust Goes Tech series.

As far as experiments go, the Proust series has been a success. Kicking off with Chris Tolles and wrapping up with Susan Hobbs, over the past 13 weeks we got some of the most interesting people on the horn for a chat.

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Proust Goes Tech is not going anywhere, we promise, but we are taking the shortest of breaks to get through the impending Q3 Quarterly Report cycle. So, expect Proust to come back right after we get the next 6,482 charts published.

But we didn’t want to leave you without something to read, so what follows are some of our favorites from the list so far.


Amy Widdowson Mains, Vice President of Vrge Strategies.

What made Mains’ interview was a combination of humor, warmth, and candor that we found delightful. What does she treasure in her friends? Vulnerability. How does she define success? Who chooses to work with you.

Barrett Daniels, CEO And Managing Partner at Nextstep Advisory.

Daniels’ interview was non-traditional as IPO denizens don’t often get sat down for a friendly chat about anything other than numbers. You wouldn’t know that from the result, however. Daniels’ best answer came from our question about what misery is — he answered that for him that would be “doing something that disappoints [his] son.”

Aziz Gilani, A Partner At Mercury Fund.

Gilani’s idea of misery is relatable (“intellectual stagnation”) and his note about what he loves most in his friends (“[e]xtreme obsession with certain things”) were notable for their originality. Also, Gilani was more than happy to back his answers with examples, rounding out the interview well.

Julie Fredrickson, Co-Founder And CEO Of Stowaway Cosmetics

Fredrickson doesn’t lose confidence, and her answers backed that up. She’s determined to “die outside of Earth’s gravity well” (after all, “hell is other people”), and we’re pretty sure she’s stubborn enough to make it happen. After all, she’s “the juggernaut, bitch.”

Of course, we love all our posts the same, so you should read all of the Proust series here.

We’ll likely take a short break each time we gear up and dive into a quarterly report. But stay tuned. More are coming.

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