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Play With Our Live Tech Stock Spreadsheet

Recently, we compiled a new spreadsheet here at Crunchbase News to help us track a few classes of tech stocks over time. It includes the Big 5 (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft1), recent IPOs, and a general list of players in the space that we found ourselves looking up by hand too often.

The resulting spreadsheet is not very impressive, attractive at all, and is also unfished. Despite those blatantly obvious caveats, we’ve had a number of requests from people on Twitter and via email to share the concoction.

Who are we to say no. In that vein, this morning I added a slew of notable 2016 IPOs, updated the 2017 IPO list with today’s Carvana and Cloudera numbers, and expanded the list of tech stocks included.

(A big special thanks to the friend of the blog who helped us untangle some of the formulas. We appreciate you very much.)

So, if you are into such things, here you go: Notable Tech Stocks (Public).

It is currently open to anyone on the Internet to view. If you want edit access to expand any of the sections, email us. Regardless, that’s all we have at the moment.



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