Every Chart And Table From The Global Q3 VC Report

On the heels of our digest of the United States’ Q3 venture charts, we turn to the world’s own.

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In the following SlideShare, we have included every chart and graph from the global report. The following charts provided the raw data behind Crunchbase News’s conclusions regarding the past quarter’s venture results that we broke into two key categories.

First, the bullish:

According to Crunchbase’s projections, both deal and dollar volume are at record highs since the Dot-Com bubble. Q3 2017 surpasses previous highs reached in Q1 2016, a quarter that was followed by a number of sequential down quarters.

And second, the bearish:

Despite significant growth in nearly all metrics connected to early and late-stage growth, the market for seed and angel deals may be showing signs of stagnation. Projected dollar volumes and reported mean and median deal sizes have remained flat since Q2.

So we are at a local maximum, but cracks are evident in the current bullish cycle. Such has it been for some time. Regardless, click through the following presentation and be informed.


This is our second-to-last Q3 piece, aside from tomorrow’s roundup. All good things must come to an end, and we are done with this cycle.

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