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Morning Report: Yelp Follows Etsy And Twilio Into Earnings Purgatory

Morning Report: Shares of Yelp are off over 15 percent this morning. And that’s an improvement.

Shares of Yelp collapsed around 30 percent yesterday after the company reported lower than expected revenue in the recently-completed quarter. The tech shop also lowered its full-year guidance.

The gaps between what the company had on offer, and what the street had expected, were not small:

  • Reported revenue of $197.3 million, under expectations of $198.4 million.
  • New full-year forecast from $850 million to $865 million, down from $880 million to $900 million.
  • Full-year EBITDA — a very adjusted profit metric — between $130 million and $145 million, lower than its previously anticipated $150 million to $165 million.

A miss and two retractions pencils out to a dramatically falling share price.

Notably, Yelp has recovered somewhat from its lows. Here’s the Yahoo Finance chart covering its pre-earnings trading, its selloff, and today’s ramping recovery:

Yelp is gaining altitude from its lows; however, it still has a long way to go to get back to flat.

Regular readers will recall a similar situation for both Twilio and Etsy this earnings cycle. And, looking ahead, Snap reports its earnings today. Whether Snap will join our three or beat the negative hype will be answered in just a few hours.

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