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Cleareye.AI Secures Funding From JPMorgan

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Cleareye.AI, a digital trading fintech platform, announced on Tuesday it received a strategic investment from JP Morgan, though the financial terms were not made public by either party.

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Cleareye.AI, which automates the trade compliance and operations systems for companies, entered into a commercial partnership with JPMorgan back in September in which the banking institution would use Cleareye’s software to manage compliance risks.

Cleareye’s software uses algorithms to quickly analyze documents and data transactions and remove many of the manual checks that need to be done by banking institutions to authorize certain transactions.

By automatically validating the data, banking institutions can expedite the flow of trade while keeping an eye out for signs of money laundering or signs that a company is circumventing sanctions. Trade financing right now is often slowed significantly by analog processes that involve multiple people to look at and assess documents.

James Fraser, Global Head of Trade & Working Capital for JP Morgan, called the trade financing world “a manually intensive industry loaded with paper and lacking standardization, burdened by an increasing cost base” that “needs real innovation in order to transform.”

Accessing credit often takes companies weeks to access because of this process, which bottlenecks the business pipeline.

Some companies have aimed to solve this problem in a different way. Buy Now Pay Later companies, which have often been consumer focused (think Klarna) or focused on small businesses, are looking to provide similar services for large, multinational corporations. Santander Bank, for instance, announced a BNPL product for companies back in January, which would allow them to access a line of credit quickly.

Banks are quickly adopting similar strategies to JP Morgan in an attempt to keep up with the fast-paced nature of digital banking. Because banks require more security and have to follow stricter compliance guidelines than other industries, financial institutions are looking for niche products that automate processes quickly without risking security.

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