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The Non-Changing Value Of ARR

Morning Report: Happy Monday. Here’s your dispatch from Chartlandia.

For a few years, the Crunchbase News crew has covered the varying price-sales multiples of SaaS companies.

Price-sales is a more pedestrian way of noting a firms “revenue multiple,” or how much money per dollar of revenue  investors are willing to pay for a company.

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While that must sound incredibly dull — we understand! — the numbers in question have big import for startups. If the price-sales multiple of modern software companies rises, private software companies are worth more. And if the price-sales multiple of public software companies falls, those same startups probably lose ground.

For startups working to grow into their valuation, having their public analogs expand their revenue multiple helps by lifting some of the load for them. If public analogs are worth more on a per-dollar revenue basis, startups are worth more, too.

So to help us understand private software comps better, we did work tracking the revenue multiple for annual recurring revenue (ARR) across software-as-a-service shops (SaaS) during and after the 2016 SaaS crash. It was a boisterous trip. And as it turns out, we have entered a calm period.

All the above was preamble to something I want to highlight today: we’re heading into the Q3 earnings season now which will see every public software company report their recent performance, allowing for a market repricing. But from what basis is a good question.

That brings us to our chart. Here’s Box’s price-sales multiple (measured on a trailing revenue basis) via YCharts:

There are fun things to point out in the chart, including market enthusiasm for Box shares early in its life as a public company. But observe the steep slide in early 2016. That was the SaaS Crash, when public investors bid down a host of software companies en masse, scaring the hell out of Silicon Valley’s investing class. In the carnage, LinkedIn gave up as a public company, and a number of then-recent IPO looked downright unhealthy.

But, and here’s why we’re talking this morning, observe where Box has traded in a price-sales sense since the latter stretches of 2016: kind of flat. The implication is that Box—a firm that we often use as a living benchmark for SaaS companies— seems to have figured out where it should trade compared to its trailing revenue.

In fact, it almost feels too flat! So consider the above as baseline for the impending earnings season. If your favorite software company gets socked in the face, check its price-sales ratio in the aftermath and ask yourself why it should pick up a higher ARR multiple than Box.1

  1. Of course, do the work: Don’t compare non-recurring revenue to recurring; make adjustments for comparative margin strength, line up growth rates, and caveat from there.

From the Crunchbase Daily:

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