Magic Leap’s Magical Money Pit

Morning Report: More money for Magic Leap, again, because it’s very adept at raising money.

Magic Leap, a company working in the augmented reality space, has raised another $461 million, bringing the aggregate sum of external funds placed into the startup at around $2.3 billion.

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The company is beginning to remind me of Uber: more money goes in and more losses accrue. One key difference, however, between Uber and Magic Leap is that the former had a product in the market during its great fundraising slog and a sufficiently strong growth story to make the math pencil out in the future.

Magic Leap, in contrast, has yet to ship any product commercially and thus is less of a sure thing. Far less, really, given that it is working with both experimental technology and mind-bendingly large investor expectations for future growth and profit.

All the same, Magic Leap is doing what it does best: raising money. As Bloomberg’s Shira Ovide noted on Twitter when news of the round leaked last month:

And on that ball rolled today. What does $2.3 billion in raised capital buy you? Aside from faked demos and stolen funds, so far just promises.

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