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Eventbrite Sets $19 To $21 Share Price Range For IPO

Eventbrite set a $19 to $21 per-share price range for its impending IPO today. The San Francisco-based events and ticketing company filed to go public last month.

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The company will sell 10 million shares in its IPO, not including a possible 1.5 million greenshoe offering. Discounting the greenshoe, Eventbrite would raise between $190 million and $210 million in its debut at its listed price range. Inclusive of the extra shares, the firm would raise between $218.5 million and $241.5 million.

Initial price ranges, of course, can be updated later with higher or lower figures depending on investor interest.

After the IPO, Eventbrite will have 77.6 million shares outstanding (79.1 million including the greenshoe offering), giving it a valuation range of $1.44 billion and $1.63 billion at both extremes of its listed range. Including the extra 1.5 million shares that may be sold to the firm’s underwriting banks, Eventbrite would be worth between $1.50 billion and $1.66 billion.

The company’s latest S-1/A does not include new financial information as the third quarter has yet to close. For more on Eventbrite’s history, and its recently-detailed financial performance, head here.

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