Freelance Writers: How To Pitch Crunchbase News

Crunchbase News primarily covers the movement of money behind high-growth organizations, usually in tech, with data backing our stories. As a result, Crunchbase News has (roughly) three focus areas: startups, the investors behind them, and the impact those startups have on society (and the impact society has on startups).

A good story pitch from writers will usually include the following attributes:

  • Have at least one good source already on deck (bonus points for multiple sources).
  • Help shine a light on the oft-opaque inner workings of venture capital, with a special preference towards exposing financial and growth metrics.
  • The published article is 500 words or more. (The pitch, however, can be as short as needed or as long as required.)

To submit your pitch, please click here to fill out our pitch form. While you are welcome to email the editorial staff, chances decrease significantly that you will receive a timely response (or a response at all) due to the volume of email.

Once you’ve filled out the form, you should expect a response from our editorial team about whether the article will move forward within a week (if not sooner).

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Additional Helpful Notes

Pitches that Crunchbase News will pay particular attention to are those that can intermingle one or more of our focus areas with broader, national (or global) trends. Here are some topics and articles that are top of mind for Crunchbase News to help get you started (but don’t limit yourself):

Opportunities Lost Due To Lack Of Diversity

Money, Ideas, and Culture Outside Of Typical Venture Markets

How Government And Institutions Are Impacting Startups, VCs, And Growth

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