Carbon Black Prices IPO At $19 Per Share After Raising Range

Today after the bell, security shop Carbon Black priced its IPO at $19 per share, selling 8 million shares in the process.

The company will raise up to $152 million in the offering, not counting the 1.2 million share greenshoe offering provided to its underwriters. Inclusive of those shares, the firm could raise as much as $174.8 million in the debut. Morgan Stanley and J.P Morgan are lead underwriters of Carbon Black’s IPO.

Carbon Black raised its range earlier this week, from $15 to $17 per share to $17 to $19 per share. Previously, Crunchbase News reported that the firm was shooting for a unicorn valuation in its IPO. With the new share range, those estimates went up.

At its expected per-share pricing, the firm’s market capitalization will kick off at $1.25 billion. (For a dive through the company’s recent financial performance, head here.)

The company’s debut comes on the heels of a growing number of 2018 US-listed technology IPOs. Some have featured well-known companies — the Spotify’s and Dropbox’s of the world. And, some have featured less famous shops like Zscaler, and a pair of Chinese companies that don’t have huge US mindshare.

2018 is so-far largely living up to investor hopes that an IPO wave would land before the markets turn and take away a potentially-lucrative exit window. Now the question is how many companies will go public, instead of wether or not there will be new flotations.

More tomorrow morning when Carbon Black begins to trade.


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