HQ Trivia Raising $15M, And You Still Won’t Win

Morning Report: HQ Trivia is raising $15 million at a valuation of “more than $100 million,” according to Recode. That’s notable for several reasons.

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Regardless, back in tech, things are about where we left them last week. Cryptos are falling apart, the public tech equity markets are in fine shape, and there are oodles of dollars flowing through the venture ecosystem.

To underscore that last point, HQ Trivia, everyone’s favorite mobile game during the 2017 holiday season, is raising $15 million at around a $100 million valuation, according to Recode. Founders Fund’s Cyan Banister will lead the round and take a board seat.

That the round is happening is nearly surprising given that games investment is notoriously fickle and hit-driven. (From Zynga to King to Rovio to a host of other firms, that general rule has been shown to be mostly true.) Obviously, new investors in HQ are betting that quizzes—popular on both your television and in your local dive—are here to stay. HQ’s format could also become the pub quiz of the mobile-first generations. Perhaps.

But there’s another dimension to the deal that is worth mentioning. This headline from December encapsulates why HQ was struggling earlier to raise its new round: “Investors Are Passing on HQ Trivia Because of Its Co-Founder’s Behavior at Twitter.”

Who wants to put capital to work in a company that could end up being a massive headache? Recode’s piece recounts investor diligence into the founders of HQ, finding no behavior that warranted removal of the founders.

And so it seems that HQ will get its deal done. That’s a lot more money for you to watch rival HQties win while you fume that question four was bullshit.

At least that’s what I used to do.

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