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Morning Report: Earnings Season Dings Some 2017 Tech IPOs

Morning Report: The 2017 crop of tech IPOs doesn’t escape earnings season unscathed.

Yesterday, 36 percent of 2017 tech IPOs that we track were under their IPO price. That figure is up sharply from the roughly one-fourth that were underwater the last time we checked in.

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Happily, for the 2017 cohort, Carvana is up today, pushing just over its IPO price, leaving us with only four companies as of early trading that are, still, below their IPO value.

What’s going on? It isn’t too hard to follow.

  • Blue Apron’s woes are well-known, with the company forecasting falling revenue and steep losses.
  • Snap’s issues are slowing user growth and staggering losses.
  • Carvana kicked off a steep decline after reporting triple-digit revenue growth, accompanied with increasing GAAP losses and deep operational cash burn.
  • Netshoes fell double-digit percentages this week after a huge profit miss.
  • Tintri continues doing whatever it has been doing.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the other hand, Alteryx soared after its earnings report, so the news isn’t all bad. And yet to come are enterprise favorites  Cloudera, Yext, Okta, and so forth.

But it’s safe to say that the second quarter wasn’t exactly kind to the recently-public. A final tally will come in a few weeks. In the meantime, we are not out of the woods yet.

From the Crunchbase Daily:

Didi gaining edge over Uber

  • In the battle for global ridesharing dominance, China’s Didi Chuxing is outperforming Uber on the fundraising front. Although Uber has a decent war chest, Didi is better capitalized and has an alliance with SoftBank, the deepest pocket in VC today. As of right now, Didi has raised almost $4 billion more cash than Uber, Crunchbase News reports, to say nothing of debt and credit facilities.

MongoDB said to file for IPO

  • Database provider MongoDB has filed confidentially for an IPO, according to a TechCrunch report. The ten-year-old, New York-based company previously raised $300 million, securing its last round of funding at a reported $1.6 billion valuation.

Uber faces 20 years of privacy audits

  • Uber has settled with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over charges that the company failed to monitor employee access to consumer personal information and to secure sensitive data. As part of the settlement, Uber will face 20 years of privacy audits, the FTC said.

Report analyzes traffic at top Crunchbase Rank companies

  • Crunchbase teamed up with market intelligence firm SimilarWeb to deliver analytics on some of the top-listed companies by Crunchbase Rank. The resulting report examines incoming traffic for sites related to the top 50 companies, including Alibaba, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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