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InVision Acquires Design Collaboration Tool Wake

Design collaboration company InVision has acquired design teamwork tool Wake for an undisclosed price. Prior to its acquisition, Wake raised a $3.8 million Seed round in August 2015.

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Founded in 2013 by Johan Bakken and former Facebook designer Chris Kalani, Wake aims to make the design process more interactive and visible to team members across departments. Its design tool allows collaborators to view and give feedback on ongoing design projects.

According to InVision spokesperson, Taylor Law, “[Wake] answers a pain point that InVision often hears from enterprise customers who need to stay connected and aligned as their team scales.”

According to the press release, Wake will continue to operate underneath InVision as its own separate brand, and it will continue to serve its current customers including Pinterest, Instacart, Duolingo, Facebook, and Airbnb. Furthermore, the companies will collaborate on new design visibility features, with Wake’s free product option being incorporated into InVision’s free plan as Wake Free.

InVision is a late-stage design collaboration company that has raised a healthy sum of funds since 2011. With a pre-money valuation of $900 million, its latest $100 million Series E led by Battery Ventures brought the company’s aggregate funds raised to $235.2 million. It has also launched a $5 million investment fund to support early-stage design companies. And in addition to Wake, InVision hasn’t been afraid to acquire the talent and products it needs.

InVision Shops To Build A Designer’s Workflow Dream

InVision has acquired a total of nine design-focused companies since the start of 2016. Among those acquisitions are Sydney-based animation tool Easee and San Francisco-based mobile app Napkin. Six of its acquisitions were announced in 2016 and two in 2017.

With these acquisitions and the launch of its Studio Platform, InVision hopes to streamline the often convoluted and opaque design process.

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