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2017’s Best Performing Tech IPOs (So Far)

Morning Report: Let’s see who really is top of the charts.

Happy Nearly 2018, crew. You are either at home hiding from your family, or at work hiding from, well, work. So let’s do something fun today and explore the best performing tech IPOs of the year.

As always, we’re looking at US-listed IPOs from this calendar year from companies that are either tech shops, or close enough that they are lumped in with the rest of the tech companies. Blue Apron is a fine example of the latter category.

Here is a list (from our public stock spreadsheet) of the top five performing tech IPOs of 2017:

  • Roku
    • IPO Price: $14
    • Current Price: $55.53
    • Percent Gain: 296.64 percent
  • Appian
    • IPO Price: $12
    • Current Price: $30.84
    • Percent Gain: 157.00 percent
  • Stitch Fix
    • IPO Price: $15
    • Current Price: $28.73
    • Percent Gain: 91.53 percent
  • Alteryx
    • IPO Price: $14
    • Current Price: $26.08
    • Percent Gain: 86.29 percent
  • Redfin
    • IPO Price: $15
    • Current Price: $27.8 6
    • Percent Gain: 85.73 percent

And there it is, the Nice-Not-Naughty list from this year’s IPO crop. Not a bad set of results, really.

Guess what we’ll look at tomorrow!

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