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Tech Jobs: Here Are 5 Funded Fintech Startups Hiring For Multiple Roles

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Venture investors spent some $12.8 billion on fintech or financial services startups last quarter, Crunchbase data shows, and while more than half of that was a single investment — Stripe’s $6.5 billion raise — plenty of other startups in the sector got money too.

In this week’s edition of Who’s Hiring In Tech, we round up five fintech startups that have raised money in the past 12 months, that haven’t had reported layoffs in the past year, and that are actively hiring for multiple open roles.

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Farther down, you’ll find a complete list of 349 Actively Hiring startups across sectors that meet that criteria.

5 Funded Fintech Startups That Are Hiring

Company: Finix

  • Position: Director of sales
  • Salary: Base salary is listed at $150K-$175K, though of course earnings potential is much higher including commission. (The company estimates total on-target earnings could be as high as $350K.)
  • Location: San Francisco
  • What it does: Finix is a payment processing platform for businesses.
  • Why it’s cool: If you’re an ambitious sales leader looking to take the reins of the revenue team at a well-funded startup, this looks like a pretty neat gig. The company is looking for someone with at least eight years of experience at SaaS companies and six or more years of experience in a leadership role, specifically managing a revenue organization.
  • Funding history: Finix has raised a total of $126 million from investors, including Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, American Express Ventures, and more.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Company: Wealthfront

  • Position: Lifecycle marketing manager
  • Salary: $130K-$150K
  • Location: Wealthfront is based in Palo Alto, California, but the position is open to remote candidates in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • What it does: Wealthfront is an online wealth management platform that offers automated investing and portfolio management tools, savings accounts, loans and other products.
  • Why it’s cool: The company is looking for an experienced lifecycle marketer who is comfortable with data and analytics and enjoys working closely with other teams. Among the benefits that Wealthfront offers — besides standard startup perks like generous vacation time and wellness reimbursements — are 16 weeks of paid parental leave, 401K plans, and an employee investing discount.
  • Funding history: Wealthfront has raised a total of $274.2 million, though it’s been a while since its last raise — its Series E was way back in 2018. The company is backed by big-name investors including Tiger Global Management, Spark Capital, Index Ventures and Greylock.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Company: Tribal

  • Position: Strategy and new business associate
  • Salary: N/A
  • Location: Remote, based in Mexico.
  • What it does: Tribal provides credit cards and other financial services to small businesses and startups in emerging markets.
  • Why it’s cool: This seems like a nice challenge for an ambitious finance geek to help a U.S.-based fintech expand its business in the fast-growing Mexican market. Tribal is looking for someone with two to three years of experience in investment banking or a similar field to “actively participate in all aspects of fundraising efforts, from strategic planning to execution, including creating compelling narratives, preparing materials and analysis, engaging in conversations with investors, supporting the due diligence process, and assisting in valuation discussions.” It goes without saying, but you need to be fluent in Spanish as well.
  • Funding history: Tribal has raised a total of $142.5 million from investors including Google For Startups, SoftBank Latin America Ventures and QED Ventures.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Company: Chronograph

  • Position: Private equity data operations analyst
  • Salary: $60K
  • Location: The company is based in Brooklyn but says its culture is remote- and hybrid-work friendly.
  • What it does: Chronograph’s platform is used by institutional investors to analyze private capital markets.
  • Why it’s cool: This early-career position is part of Chronograph’s two-year analyst program, which positions successful employees to be promoted into associate manager roles at the company. The company says it’s an opportunity for someone to “gain deep experience in alternative assets at a market-leading fintech company focused on the space.”
  • Funding history: Chronograph has raised a total of $20 million, including from Summit Partners and The Carlyle Group.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Company: Scratchpay

  • Position: Product manager, fintech.
  • Salary: $100K-$150K
  • Location: Scratchpay is based in Los Angeles, but the position is remote-friendly.
  • What it does: Scratchpay helps veterinary practices provide financing options to their patients (or, more precisely, to their patients’ human benefactors). The company says its payment plans are used in more than 10,000 veterinary care practices across the U.S. and Canada — including pet dentists and pet optometrists (who knew that was a thing?).
  • Why it’s cool: Love pets but your skillset is more on the tech and numbers side? This could be a cool gig. The company says it’s looking for someone with at least two years of product management experience who enjoys working very cross-functionally on a small team.
  • Funding history: Scratchpay has raised a total of $108.8 million, according to its Crunchbase profile, from Credit Suisse and Companion Fund, among others. Norwest Venture Partners led its Series C in September.

To learn more about this role and others, click Actively Hiring in the company’s Crunchbase profile.


Crunchbase News editors select interesting roles to feature based on Crunchbase’s Actively Hiring and funding filters. We looked for companies that are tagged as Actively Hiring — meaning they have multiple open roles listed — within Crunchbase, and have recently raised new funding. We only include companies that have raised at least $1 million in total funding.

We mostly look at U.S. roles, but also feature other locations, and cross-reference companies with our Layoffs Tracker to avoid featuring those that recently laid off employees. Deciding which roles to feature is ultimately based on editors’ discretion.

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