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All The Charts And Tables From Our Q4 2018 US And Canada VC Report

We’re wrapping up the Q4 2018 quarterly reporting cycle, which means that your friendly Crunchbase News team is a little tired.

But we’re feeling good as there was a lot to uncover. The global report detailed record investment in the venture world. Our North American report was chock-full of staggering figures. In fact, most everything we put out concerning the quarter seemed stuffed with superlatives, local maximums, and all-time highs.

With all the words finally out, it’s time to publish our regular roundup of charts and tables. We’ll begin this time, as always, with the images from our US and Canada focused report from our own Joanna Glasner.

Here’s the packet:

Next we’re shipping our global charts download. Once that’s out, the fourth quarter cycle will be complete. Of course, we’ll repeat the exercise in about three months. Chat soon!

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