Real Time Polling Platform Remesh Raises $25M Led By General Catalyst

In this election cycle, connecting with voters could be incredibly useful. Remesh, a polling platform for engagement with large groups of people–up to 1,000–in real time, could help with that.

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Remesh has raised a $25 million Series A-2 extension round, led by General Catalyst with participation from Lionbird, North Coast Ventures and some new investors. According to Crunchbase, the company last raised a Series A-1 of $10 million in March 2018 also led by General Catalyst. In an interview with Crunchbase News, Remesh CEO and co-founder Andrew Konya confirmed that there was an increase in valuation between the two rounds.

The product differs from surveys sent to a group in advance. With Remesh you can plan a poll, but then take the dynamic conversation in new directions, based on what you learn. 

Companies use the service for brand and product feedback. And they are now adopting the platform for employee engagement as they transition from in-person to remote work. The service is being used in politics to understand what constituents want or need, and by the U.N. for conflict resolution.

“The value in Remesh is a combination of a live conversation, but at the scale of a survey and accessible in an hour,” said Andrew Konya CEO and co-founder of Remesh. “What is important in doing it live, is that as you learn, you can ask and steer where the conversation should go.”

With the use of artificial intelligence, the platform can make sense of all the responses and provide insight from those responses.

Illustration: Dom Guzman

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