Every Chart And Table From The US Q3 VC Report

The Q3 reporting cycle brought surprises along with its usual fare of charts, line graphs, and contrary indicators.

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From the highest possible vantage point, it was notable that the global VC market was so healthy, partially in contrast to the United States’ own market. That the United States’ venture space posted mixed signals, especially regarding exits while we sit at the current peak of the public markets was both notable and worrying.

But, as with every quarter, we shouldn’t over-speculate as to what will happen next. It’s enough for today to understand what did happen.

To that end, we are again breaking out the charts from our two largest reports — the US piece and our global behemoth — into Slideshares for your consumption.

So, without further ado, here are a host of charts and tables and data from our report on our domestic market:


We’ll have another piece out today with the global charts, and a full-size roundup tomorrow. Then we can put this down and not touch the subject again until the fourth quarter closes.

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