Stripe Partners With Twitter To Support Crypto Payouts To Creators

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Financial services darling Stripe will facilitate cryptocurrency payouts, starting with some Twitter users, the company said Friday. 

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Stripe Connect partnered with Twitter as its first business partner to allow some content creators on the social media platform to use crypto-based rails to get their earnings from Twitter.

News of the partnership comes amid questions about Twitter’s future, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk bidding to take the company private. While Twitter is the first business to partner with Stripe on its crypto payouts effort, others could follow if Stripe’s pilot run with the social media company is successful.

“With crypto payouts for Connect, Twitter will make it possible for creators who opt in to have their earnings paid out to a cryptocurrency wallet,” Stripe said in the announcement. “Stripe will handle all crypto-related complexity and operations. No code changes are required, and platforms can avoid taking on the challenges of acquiring, storing, or transferring crypto themselves.”

To start, Stripe will support payouts in USDC, a stablecoin backed by the U.S. Dollar, and payments will happen over the Polygon network. Eventually Stripe will expand to support other rails and currencies.

Stripe is the fifth largest unicorn startup in the world, per the Crunchbase Unicorn Board, with a valuation of $95 billion. It’s also the second most valued unicorn in the United States, only behind SpaceX, which is worth $100 billion.

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