Mary Meeker’s New Growth Fund In Context

It is no surprise that venerable venture veteran Mary Meeker raised a new large capital pool for late-stage bets. Her results at Kleiner are nigh-legendary. And those results were put up during a time of turmoil at the famous firm.

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Fortune’s latest on the matter is required reading this week in Silicon Valley. But Meeker’s new capital concern, the freshly-dubbed Bond, is actually wealthier than you might have guessed.

A $1.25 billion fund — the amount that Bond has raised — is only so big in the era of SoftBank’s epic $100 billion Vision Fund (which don’t forget, it wants more capital), but it’s actually larger than what Meeker has had at her disposal to-date.

Pulling from Crunchbase data, here’s a look at the history of Meeker’s three Kleiner-dubbed funds and the newly-established Bond vehicle:

In short, Meeker has a quarter billion dollars more to work with than she did before. That’s a lot of money to play with.

And, as we track huge funding rounds, it seems she won’t lack for places to deploy the capital; the private market has a host of huge companies inside its arms that will need more funding to continue. In a sense, the endemic lack of profitability among unicorns today is an opportunity for Meeker.

I suspect that taking capital from Meeker will retain all prior cachet, despite losing the Kleiner tag. Indeed, among younger founders, I wonder if her brand isn’t simply bigger than her former employer’s own. (That said, the new Kleiner crew seem like fine folks in person; we’ll see how they do when the returns come in).

The only concern I can see on the horizon for the newly-capitalized Meeker is the macro climate. As we noted earlier this week, the markets are hot at the moment. But momentum is reversible. And we’re overdue for a correction. How growth capital fares in a bear market will be interesting to watch.

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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