U.S. Venture Rounds Of $100M-Plus Are Trending Lower 

Venture rounds of $100 million and up are still closing at a steady clip. However, deal counts and funding totals have been trending lower over the course of this year.

Those are the broad findings from a Crunchbase analysis of big U.S. venture rounds this year and last.

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Overall, the number of $100 million-plus deals and total capital put into them peaked in November. This month, meanwhile, is on track to be the smallest for both deals and overall investment.

For perspective, we chart monthly deal count and investment totals from January, 2021 through May 2022 below:

What to make of the trendlines? Depending on one’s perspective, it could look either  worrisome or reassuring. On the worrisome side, we are clearly below peak. And in markets, that which goes a little bit down often over time goes down a lot.

On the reassuring side, meanwhile, this isn’t a precipitous decline yet. Big rounds are still getting done at a steady clip.

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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