Future Family Secures $100M Credit Facility To Help Parents Pay For IVF

Conceiving is difficult for many aspiring parents. For those struggling to get pregnant, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) can help.

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But while IVF is an option, it’s costly. The price of IVF can reach six-digits if multiple rounds of the treatment are required. Those upfront costs make IVF an inaccessible option for many hopeful parents.

Future Family, a startup which aims to make fertility care more affordable and holistic has announced that it has secured a $100 million credit facility from Atalaya Capital Management to finance its customers’ fertility subscription packages.

West Owens, CFO, with son, Skye and Claire Tomkins, CEO

The company previously raised $10 million in equity financing just two months ago, launching its subscription service at the same time. In total, Future Family has raised $14.2 million in equity funding for its platform.

With the company’s IVF subscription service, customers can avoid the upfront costs of the procedure with medical financing and add benefits like telehealth and massage therapy to their packages. Customers will be able to apply for financing and receive a decision in one day and can rely on family or friends to co-sign.

“We have had historically more demand than we were able to service, and it has led to some delays, including people having to be on waiting lists for three to four months,” Future Family CEO and Founder Claire Tompkins told Crunchbase News. “With this new dedicated fund, we can now remove those delays and remove any waiting periods for service.”

Future Family isn’t the only company aiming to profit in the fertility space. Back in September we spoke with startups Mira and Ava who are leveraging health data to help people get pregnant.

Many other startups that have raised as well. Take a look:

For now, the community of startups focusing specifically on fertility is pretty small. However, more people than ever before are waiting to have children, so discussions about fertility procedures are increasingly common. As the technology for IVF improves and the rising adult generation seeks better ways to plan, those conversations and investor interest will likely continue.

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