Floracracy Grows $1.02M Seed Into New Floral Company

A new online floral company has attracted the attention of an investor who was big in flowers.

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Floracracy, a Rockford, Illinois-based provider of sustainable, online personalized floral shopping experiences, launched Monday with $1.02 million in seed funding. Its CEO and founder is Sarah-Eva Marchese.

John Higginson, the former CTO at national flower delivery company FTD and now CTO of  Groupon, was involved in the round, as was Harry Gottlieb, founder of Jellyvision and Jackbox Games.

Floracracy combines technology and human touch to personalize flower arrangements. With its seed funding round, the company is now able to offer free overnight shipping on all orders in the lower 48 states.

Higginson said in a statement that not even billion-dollar floral companies are able to provide what Floracracy can: showing customers what the actual floral arrangements will look like.

“Having spent nearly a decade in the industry watching it become commoditized and devoid of sentiment, it’s refreshing to see Floracracy has recaptured the ancient language of flowers,” he added. “What Sarah-Eva has created is a way to create a deeply special and heartfelt experience through the giving of flowers. It’s so simple, but in an industry that has become incredibly commoditized and sterile, Floracracy has brought back the emotion, the heartfelt sentiment. They’ve made the gift of flowers personal again.”

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