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All The Charts And Tables From Our Q4 2018 Global Venture Report

Here we are, the end of the line. Below you’ll find all the charts and tables from our two-part report on the global venture market: one focused on investment, and the other digging into exit data.

But we can do even better, so here’s the word-free version for you visual learners:

And that’s it, we’re done!

Feel free to drop me an email1 with feedback or notes about this round of quarterly reports. I’m tempted to cut back on our volume a bit, as the number of pieces is getting to be a bit much (click the image below to see the full stack). At the same time, I am hugely in favor of getting as many numbers and notes live as we can. We’ll want to look back at the data when things fall apart.

Regardless, we are done for this cycle. Thanks for reading.

  1. alex at crunchbase dot com

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