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$100M Pig Transplants, Canadian Unicorns, And SoftBank’s Epic Slides

Im about to leave San Francisco for a month to return to a few of my homes, including Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and my suburb in New JerseyIm also meeting some biotech upstarts in the best city from the above listso come say hello if you would like. Outside of work, pray for my East Coast homecoming because I need layers.

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Speaking of layers, let’s get into our latest stories from the site: most recently, our reporter Joanna Glasner unfolded what innovation is ahead in fabric.

Now on to a busy week of funding rounds. In terms of real estate-related deals, we had HomeLightReonomySquareFoot, and Snapdocs all raise money, with each tackling different parts of the complex residential and office markets. Next we wrote about a startup raising $100 million to prove that pigs are the future of human transplants, and a company that raised $50 million for indoor, pesticide-free farms.

Outside the Valley, as always, brought a fresh mix of deal flow. For one, take Bengaluru, a growing startup hub in India. We unpacked three deals within the city, including one from a company that wants to compete with IKEA. From elsewhere around the globe, Brazil’s Kovi, a mobility startup, raised a $30 million Series A from global investors, and idwall, a digital onboarding startup (also based in Brazil) raised $10 million.

Now for two unicorn updates: Coveo, a Canadian startup, joined the herd with a new nine-figure round, and Cloudflare’s earnings taught us a thing or two about high-growth, unprofitable unicorns.

And before you go, some other hits you may want to check out include Alex and Sophia’s take on the best slides from Softbank’s WeWork-focused earnings report, and Jason’s piece on an Ohio-based firm’s new fund.

Alright, Im off to travels! I’ll be back next week, Dunkin Donuts in hand.


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Illustration: Dom Guzman

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