Wix Board Member Raises $12.5M For K Health, An AI-Powered Primary Care Application

Google is an excellent source of information and, if you have an odd cough, health anxiety. K Health, an app that uses AI and anonymized health records to augment the diagnoses of health problems, has raised $12.5 million to alleviate some of that Google-induced anxiety. Investors include Comcast Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Mangrove Capital Partners, among others.

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The HIPAA-compliant application allows users to input their symptoms, and after a series of questions, K Health will give a list of possible diagnoses and recommend what action should be taken. The recommendations are based on actual prior treatments analyzed by K Health. Users can also share this data with their primary care doctor who can use this information to help determine if a visit to the hospital is necessary.

As part of its funding announcement, K Health has also partnered with primary care providers in New York. The partnership will allow users to get same day care from their doctors. According to CEO Allon Bloch, also a board member at website creation platform Wix, physicians have found it useful in helping confirm diagnoses and increasing the throughput of patients.

K Health’s big data focus may also justify its lack of health tech investors. Bloch explained to Crunchbase News that its cohort of investors have a unique understanding of how to reach consumers. Additionally, tech-centric investors likely have a more intuitive understanding of the technical challenges behind creating machine learning models from millions of medical records that are often unique to each primary care provider.

K Health is a free app for users and is available on iOS and Android.

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