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Investors Fired Up About Fusion As First Light Fusion Sparks $45M Series C

Illustration of atomic nuclear symbol with coins.

Although electric vehicles may have been the cleantech topic that dominated yesterday’s Super Bowl ads, fusion still seems to be the renewable energy du jour for private investors.

U.K.-based First Light Fusion announced Monday it raised a $45 million Series C from Oxford Science Enterprises, Hostplus and IP Group, as well as new investors Braavos Capital and Tencent.

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The round comes less than a week after the Joint European Torus laboratory announced a breakthrough in developing practical nuclear fusion and after investors poured money into the fusion sector late last year.

While fusion energy—created when two atoms are merged—has been talked about for a century, many feel that recent tech advancements in things like switches and modeling software have made commercializing fusion energy something that is years away and no longer decades.

Illustration: Dom Guzman

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