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HASH Unveils New Simulation Tool Powered By $2.5M Seed Round

HASH Inc.’s new open-source platform is taking complex simulation models enabling anyone, whatever their expertise, to quickly and easily create scenario predictions.

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“Existing products are dated and only useful for toy modeling or simple scenarios with few behaviors that are not customizable,” David Wilkinson, CEO of HASH, told Crunchbase News. “We are taking a modular approach to programming, helping people assemble things quickly and easily–such as a model about the spread of disease–tailor it to their business and run it on the cloud more efficiently.”

He said simulations are particularly effective in creating real-world, forward-looking scenarios to help people learn, explore and understand the dynamics and evolution of large-scale, sophisticated systems without being limited by historical data.

The New York-based company also announced on Thursday it had raised $2.5 million in seed funding, co-led by San Francisco venture capital firms Root Ventures and Zetta Venture Partners.

“Many of today’s critical issues are best solved with agent-based models, but because of the time and costs in creating simulations, their problem-solving power is out of reach for many,” Lee Edwards, partner at Root Ventures, said in a written statement. “With this new simulation tool, HASH has unlocked the ability for data scientists to build models of systems that can help solve important problems without requiring in-depth software engineering skills.”

HASH was backed early-on by serial entrepreneurs Joel Spolsky, who serves as the company’s chairman, and Anthony Goldbloom. The seed round helped the company hire 10 people and quietly build the platform, Wilkinson said.

Since starting the company in 2019, Wilkinson said, HASH has been building its social and policy models. Over the next 12 months, he said, the company will explore commercial use cases, such as the economy, financial risk and finance optimization.

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