Exclusive: Recruiting Startup Apploi Buys Healthgig

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Recruitment platform Apploi has acquired credential management startup Healthgig, the company exclusively told Crunchbase News.

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Apploi’s platform helps organizations find and recruit talent, communicate with potential new employees, and work through offers and the final steps of hiring. The company has been getting deeper into the health care space over the last year, including adding former Everyday Health CEO Ben Wolin to its board of directors.

More than 3,000 health facilities across the United States were using Apploi for recruiting and hiring. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the U.S., health facilities were trying to rapidly hire and onboard health care professionals. But credentialing–making sure licenses, medical information, etc., are current–in particular was a pain point that needed standardization and efficiency.

“We have a lot of companies using us for recruiting and onboarding, so the next kind of step in the puzzle is adding credentialing,” Apploi CEO Adam Lewis said in an interview with Crunchbase News.

Efficient, accurate and timely credentialing is important in an industry as regulated as health care, and failure to keep tabs on things like license expirations can lead to large fines. Apploi began looking into the health care credentialing space and came across Healthgig.

“With  the pandemic, our customers were rapidly hiring. …We just kept seeing that this was a major issue,” Lewis said. “There were people wanting to work, and obviously jobs had huge demand, but the tracking of the process was not great.” 

The company declined to disclose the acquisition price. Healthgig CEO Pritma Chattha will be joining the Apploi team as vice president of health care innovation, Lewis said, and Apploi will be assigning about five of its own team members to work on the Healthgig product and integrate it into Apploi.

Healthgig marks Apploi’s first acquisition, and Lewis said the company is open to buying other startups that could help it innovate health care. The goal for Apploi is to be the “dominant tech solution” for recruiting health employees, he said.

Apploi, which is based in New York and was founded in 2014, is backed by investors including Andrew Heyer and Defy Partners, per Crunchbase. It last raised money with its $5.2 million Series B in January.

Illustration: Dom Guzman

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