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This Week’s IPOs: Viomo Technology, LAIX, YayYo, And Cootek

This is becoming a weekly post. Such is today’s IPO climate. I hope that summaries of this nature keep you sufficiently informed to have a good grasp on the market as a whole.

Viomi Technology

Per its F-1 document, Viomi intends to raise as much as $144.2 million in its IPO. The IoT company (with a focus on home deployment) is based in Foshan, which is in China’s Guangdong Province. Its filing indicates that Xiaomi is an investor, making the offering more exciting than it otherwise might be. Viomi intends to list this week on the Nasdaq this week with the ticker symbol “VIOT.”


The parent company of Liulishuo (LingoChamp), LAIX is a Shanghai-based company that helps people learn English. It, like most things today, claims to use some sort of AI technology. Crunchbase has $128.9 million written down for the firm’s known capital raises to date, a more modest sum than many recent IPOs. The firm will list under the ticker “LAIX” on the New York Stock Exchange.


Here’s an American company you haven’t heard of. YayYo was a “metasearch” app to, I believe, find cheaper rides on Uber and Lyft-like services. It no longer does that per its S-1/A. Ok! This micro IPO will sell the majority of its shares to new investors and the firm itself did under $250,000 in revenue in its fiscal 2017. While Crunchbase News often notes that private companies can and should go public earlier than they currently are, this may be a case of an unbaked cake.


Heading for the NYSE at $12 to $14 per share, Shanghai-based CooTek does mobile stuff that, per its website, includes a keyboard app, and “content” relating to both “healthcare” and “fitness.” The firm likes to use the phrase “AI” in its press releases. More on the company when it prices, I think, as it actually seems interesting.

On deck: Upwork (more information here) and Elastic (more here). That’s it! You’re now up to speed on the impending crop of American IPOs.

If that’s not enough, you can always dig more into the impending, and huge Funding Circle IPO that is set to touch down in the UK soon enough.

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