WeWork’s Discount, Who Bought Who, And Two New Unicorns

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Over the past week I read through New York Times’ reporter Mike Isaac’s new book: Super Pumped. I wrote most of my thoughts in a review, but here are the three blurbs I left out:

1. Someone almost body-checked me on Market St. wondering how I got an early copy of the book.
2. I read this book while walking on Market St. It was that good.
3. I finished the book right as Uber set a new record low share price. Take that as you will.

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Speaking of struggling companies, WeWork, soon to debut on the public market, might stop its self-inflicted hype early. The coworking company is reportedly open to cutting its valuation in half ahead of its IPO. WeWork also said it plans to add a woman to its board after its IPO. And as our Editor in Chief Alex Wilhelm noted, it’s not the first company that will be going public at a discount this cycle.

Behind the IPO march, there’s a unicorn trot. Grove Collaborative raised a $150 million Series D, making it a new unicorn. Other nine-figure rounds include Canadian startup Clio raising $250 million for legal tech and San Francisco’s Getaround raising $200 million for car sharing.

We had a particularly busy M&A week as well. Microsoft scooped up a SaaS startup, Chegg, an edtech company, bought an online coding school for $80 million, and India travel startup OYO acquired a data science company.

Finally, read on Homebrew’s Hunter Walk and Satya Patel in this week’s Seed Series. Learn about where they spend 51 percent of their calendar time, how a password protected video led to an investment (twice), and why they always co-invest.

Thanks for sticking with us this short week, we’ll be back Monday with five days of fresh news (aka five opportunities to hang out with my favorite people).

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Illustration: Li-Anne Dias.

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